Glennies Jewelry – Where everything is done with love and passion. 

As the child of a true jewelry freak, Glenny's heart beats faster for any type of jewelry. With the memories of her mother's many beautiful jewelry, she is always inspired to find and create amazing new pieces.
    While raised with a major love for jewelry, Glenny's hobby has gotten out of hand and has become a true passion. 
Back in 2012 student Glenny started her first jewelry company.Mission: Delighting others with affordable luxury and real eye-catchers. Vision: Make you feel like a million bucks.After a break of several years, the brand is continued in 2020: Glennies Jewelry in a brand new jacket! High quality, long lasting jewelry.
Affordable, high quality and long lasting jewelry.
We always strive for high customer satisfaction. Quality therefore comes first. In addition, the jewelry is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable. Enjoy the most beautiful jewelry for a longer period of time, which does not discolour. With a large or small budget - at Glennies Jewelry there is luxury for young and old.
Safe Shopping.
Glenny would also like to contribute to a more beautiful and healthy world. Therefore, no plastic is used when shipping the orders.
Welcome to the Glennies Family!
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Glennies Jewelry – Makes you feel special everyday.
- Glenny Jowett -