GLENNIES was birthed through a love for jewelry that was passed on from a mother to a daughter. Founder Glendemiek fondly remembers how her mother’s jewelry was more than a piece of adornment; it made her feel empowered. That was a feeling Glendemiek wanted to convey through unique jewelry staples that merge luxury and affordability.


GLENNIES is a jewelry brand that creates timeless jewelry pieces and accessories that are made for sun-kissed muhénan. Muhénan means ‘women’ in Papiamentu, the mother tongue of the founder that leads back to her roots in the island of Curaçao.


Our core brand message is that “you deserve to shine”. Fueled by a mission to make every woman indulge in self-love, we create empowering jewelry that is made to last.

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Glennies Jewelry – Makes you feel special everyday.
- Glenny Jowett -