Let's talk about our high quality jewelry! Our jewelry does not tarnish, discolor and all our jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free which is perfect for any skin type. So you can enjoy every pieces of jewelry for a long time with the right love and care. All our jewelry is made off stainless steel and has a 18K gold plating. 

Our stainless steel jewelry with 18k gold plating

Our stainless steel jewelry is made of highly durable metal and has a 18k gold plating. It is 100% waterproof, non tarnish, hypoallergenic and nickel free. You can enjoy it 24/7 and it will stay nice and shiny.

What should I pay attention to:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals for example: daycream , perfume. 

Watch Care

 To ensure the longevity of your watch please make sure you remove before going to sleep, exercising. Please avoid contact with any liquids, e.g. hand sanitiser, perfumes,  and hairspray. Lastly we recommend protecting it from extreme temperatures and hard or rough surfaces. 

Why is my jewelry changing color?

    Every person’s unique skin-oils react differently to certain metals and plating. The PH of the skin can affect the material, causing discoloration of the jewelry. Every skin type is beautiful and different. Depending on the amount of chemicals that the jewelry has been exposed, the pH of the skin and the sweat they each give off.

     Keep your jewelry in the Glennies Jewelry pouche that you reviece with every order and your jewelry will stay shiny and beautiful.